Let The Records Speak

30 April 2018
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For those injured by another driver's carelessness, there is no bigger piece of evidence than medical records. It can be easy to overlook the importance of something that you might be taking for granted but read on to learn just how vital these records can be to your case and to your eventual compensation award. Who's Paying for Your Medical Care? When you get a cold, you might depend on your health insurance plan or an affordable urgent care facility to help you get medical care. Read More 

What Are The Lesser Known Reasons For Car Accidents?

11 April 2018
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Every day, right across the United States there are hundreds of car accidents. They can range from slight fender-benders to more serious crashes that cause harm and even death. While most people already know the most common reasons why car accidents happen – drunk driving and distracted driving are two of the most common, there are other lesser-known reasons for accidents too. What are some of these lesser-known known causes? Read More 

Examples Of Actions That Can Trigger Class Action Lawsuits

4 March 2018
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In most cases, you have to file an individual lawsuit if you are injured as a result of someone else's negligence. However, there are cases where it makes more sense to band as a group of injury victims and file a joint lawsuit – such cases are known as class action lawsuits. Here are some common examples of cases that may give rise to a class action lawsuit. Shoppers Who Have Been Overcharged By Vendors Read More 

Suffer a Neck Injury at Work? Avoid Problems with Your Claim by Following These 4 Simple Tips

22 January 2018
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If you've injured your neck at work, you'll need to take immediate action. The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your health, or your ability to seek compensation for your injuries. Most on-the-job injuries are covered by worker's compensation insurance, which will provide you with your medical care. It will also provide you with cash payments while you're unable to work. However, in order to get those benefits, you need to take the right steps. Read More 

Do You Have A Case For Wrongful Death? Take A Look Here

27 November 2017
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It will ultimately be up to your attorney whether or not he feels your case is worth pursuing. However, you might wonder whether or not the situation you are dealing with is worth bringing to the attention of a wrongful death lawyer. To help you figure this out, you will want to read through the following helpful information. The Accident Was Due To The Negligence Of Someone Else Accidents happen sometimes due to poor road conditions that developed because of a brutal storm or sometimes an accident occurs because an animal darted out in the road. Read More