How To Get A Personal Injury Attorney When You're Low On Cash

28 June 2016
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Few things are as devastating as being hurt because of the negligence of someone else.  If you're in this predicament, you may have sustained injuries that will forever change the course of your life.  That's why it is vital for you to have a personal injury lawyer on your side that can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.  However, if you're living on a budget, you may think that hiring an attorney is outside of your grasp.  Use this information to learn what you can do to obtain a lawyer even when you're financially strapped.

A Local Legal Aide Society May Be Able To Help

The first thing you want to do is contact your local legal aide society.  These organizations are staffed by individuals who work to match up members of the public with lawyers who can assist them with their cases.

Legal aide societies are a good bet because they typically operate with the help of funds from donors and grants.  They aim to help make the justice system more equal by helping people get lawyers regardless of their economic means.  If your local branch has strict budget restrictions that you fall outside of, they may even be able to put you in touch with lenders who offer micro loans that can be used for legal fees.  These loans are usually dispersed more quickly than their traditional counterparts, and can be paid back over an extended period of time.

Look For A Pro Bono Attorney

Although you may not realize it, there are attorneys out there who extend their services to members of the public without charging them anything.  Contacting one of these pro bono, or, free attorneys could be just the ticket to helping you get legal assistance when funds are low.

Lawyers who offer pro bono services typically do so because they realize that it's important to have legal representation no matter what your budget happens to be.  They will consult with and represent you without charging anything, and this can be a godsend.

You may have to do a little digging to find a pro bono attorney.  Call around to a number of law firms in your community and inquire about whether or not any of the attorneys there offer pro bono services.  You may find that your footwork pays off greatly in the end.

Getting a lawyer when you're on a budget doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  Start using these tips right away so you can get the legal representation that you need. Bell Jacoe & Co practices family law, so contact their law firm, or another business, today.