Trucks Kill People: Options For The Survivors

27 June 2017
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People share the road with some of the largest vehicles that currently exist. From construction vehicles to double-long semi trailers and double-high auto haulers, you never know what is going to jackknife, roll over, and strike you. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive, you are dwarfed in comparison to these commercial vehicles and always in danger of being maimed or killed by them. In the event that you have recently lost a loved one due to a truck accident of this very kind, here is what you, the surviving family member, can do.

Do Nothing

Some people let their grief overtake them and decide to do nothing about the tragic accident that took their family member's life. You can do nothing too. After all, it is one of the options here. However, a truck accident lawyer would urge you to at least pursue an investigation into the accident to make sure nothing untoward occurred (e.g., the truck driver was texting, fell asleep at the wheel, was drunk, etc.).

Conduct an Investigation

Well, you personally would not be conducting an investigation, but you could ask the police to investigate. If you are not satisfied with the police findings, you could hire a private investigator to look into the case. Sometimes it just helps to know for sure the reason why or how the accident even occurred. It gives you a sense of closure in regards to your loved one's death. It also points out inconsistencies that should be investigated further or issues with the driver's telling of the events.


Some people are quick to jump to this option, while others very slowly come around to it. It all depends on what you think happened in the accident and whether or not the driver of the truck should pay. Of course, you cannot sue simply as a matter of revenge, no matter how emotionally satisfying you think that might be. You can only sue if there is criminal negligence or the trucking company sent a truck out that should not have been on the road to begin with.

If You Decide to Sue

If you decide to sue, your truck accident attorney will file the necessary paperwork listing the hardships your family will face as part of the loss of your family member. Additionally, your lawyer will need documentation from the accident with regards to how it supposed occurred. Most of the time, these cases are settled out of court and a hearing in court is rare.