Three Reasons Why You Don't Always Get a Lawyer for a DUI

14 August 2017
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Getting a DUI on your record is sometimes more hazardous in certain states than in others. Because every state does not have the exact same legal practices for this type of arrest and court case, you may find yourself in a worse situation outside of your home state. DUI lawyers are not always a given either. Here are three reasons why you do not always get the option of having a lawyer defend you for a DUI.

The State in Which You Committed the Offense Does Not Provide or Require Lawyers

For DUI offenders, it comes as rather a shock when they are arrested in a state where DUI lawyers are neither required nor provided. For example, in the state of Wisconsin, DUI offenders do not get legal representation until their third or higher offense, or until they kill someone while under the influence. First and second offenses within this state do not qualify for legal/public representation.

It Is Your Very First Offense Ever

Except in states where the first-offense punishment is extreme, a lawyer is not necessary. You can hire one at your own expense, but given that the punishment for first-time expenses in these states is rather light by comparison to some other states, you would be paying more for the lawyer than you would for your punishment.

There Are No DUI Attorneys Operating Within a Hundred-Mile Radius of You

Most lawyers are licensed to practice within one state. They also tend to practice within a very short range of a county courthouse. When absolutely no DUI attorneys practice within a hundred miles or more of your county and city of residence, you will not be able to have a DUI lawyer represent you. If you request a lawyer anyway, whatever public defender is up next on the court service list will probably be your lawyer. A general law attorney is not exactly what you would want.


There are many bizarre legal situations regarding DUIs and OWIs. Some states will look at all of your DUI offenses, regardless of when they happened and in what state. You may be served with the harshest punishment possible based on your history, rather than a lighter punishment like when the most recent offense is the first in this state. If you are not sure about what to do with your current DUI charge, you can always ask a lawyer for free.