Deal With The Aftermath Of A Traffic Accident That Occurred While Out Of Town

27 September 2017
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If you were heading to a seaside resort in a town that is located a few hours from your home and were unfortunate enough to encounter an enraged motorist who slammed into the back of your car because they were impatient about needing to wait for you to turn right at an intersection, you are likely stressed out and worried about your vehicle's condition. The following tips will help you acquire justice for the incident by ensuring that the motorist is held liable for the incident and relieving you of financial burdens associated with auto repairs.

File A Report Immediately

Although you may be anxious to yell at the other driver and give them a piece of your mind, acting out in anger is not going to resolve the incident that has just occurred. Pull your vehicle to the side of the road or into a parking lot that is adjacent to the area where the incident took place. After exiting the vehicle, attempt to flag down the driver of the other vehicle. If the person attempts to speed away, jot down details about their vehicle and try to get a glimpse of the license plate.

Call the local police department and request that an officer come speak to you at your present location. Speak clearly to the officer and answer any questions that they have. Provide the cop with contact information so that they can get in touch with you down the road if necessary.

Contact Your Insurance Agent And Have Your Car Inspected

Locate your insurance agent's phone number and head to a quiet spot to give them a call. During the phone conversation, attempt to remain composed as you provide the agent with key details concerning the traffic infraction that the other person caused. Your agent will make arrangements to have an insurance adjuster inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of damage that it received.

Do not make any rash decisions, concerning having repairs made that will require you to fork out large sums of money. Instead, wait for the adjuster's prognosis before deciding how to handle the repair work that is needed. If your vehicle cannot be repaired quickly, you may need to rent a vehicle for a while until your car is restored to its original condition.

Hire A Lawyer To Represent You

Contact a lawyer at firms like Cok Kinzler PLLP who handles cases locally and attempt to make an appointment to meet them while are still be in town. During your initial session with an attorney, provide them with as much background concerning the case as you can. If the guilty party was apprehended by law enforcement and you have information about their current whereabouts, place of employment, and residential address, provide the details to the attorney. Also, provide details about the perpetrator's insurance company if you have access to this vital information.

Your lawyer will do their best to prove your innocence and will speak on your behalf during an upcoming court hearing. If all goes well, the other driver will be found guilty and you will be able to recoup losses associated with the damage that your vehicle incurred.