Protect Yourself From Being Held Liable For An Injury Incurred In A Neighbor's Trailer

27 October 2017
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If you were visiting your neighbor in the trailer park where you live and the flooring inside of the person's trailer hallway buckled under the pressure of your weight and you injured one of your ankles as a result, the tips below will protect you from being held liable for medical care that is necessary and may help if you lose wages as a result of the injury.

Contact The Landlord And Acquire Insurance Information

Ask your neighbor to assist with helping you into an upright position if your are able to move your leg without straining the ankle that hurts. Call the landlord who runs the trailer park and alert them to the fact that you were injured. Ask the landlord to stop by the mobile home so that they can view the flooring that caused you to get injured.

If the flooring is old and hasn't been maintained or if the proper bracing wasn't installed under the trailer, the owner of the park will need to make repairs to ensure that another incident does not occur. Obtain information associated with your landlord's insurance provider, including a name and number. Ask your landlord to file a claim and follow up by contacting the provider on your own to make sure details have been documented. 

File A Legal Report And Have Your Injury Treated

If the landlord is not cooperative and is acting in a hostile manner and is trying to blame you for the injury that you received, do not hesitate to contact a law official. Call the local police department and provide the person who assists you with a basic overview of what has happened. Request that an official meets you at your neighbor's house.

If the landlord is still present when the officer arrives, they may be asked some basic questions about the maintenance of the flooring. Ask the officer for a copy of the police report. It can be presented in court if you decide to press charges against the landlord. 

Negotatiate With The Help Of A Lawyer And Attend A Hearing

Seek medical treatment for your ankle and use the advice that a doctor provides you with to promote healing. Keep records of your medical appointments, including a description of medications that you are taking, medical supplies that you have purchased for your ankle, and the amount of time that you haven't been able to work because of your injury. Hire a personal injury attorney to negotiate with the insurance provider concerning monetary damages that you are seeking.

If the insurance company does not offer an amount of money that you or your lawyer think is fair, take matters to the next level by scheduling a court date to attempt to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.