What Are The Lesser Known Reasons For Car Accidents?

11 April 2018
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Every day, right across the United States there are hundreds of car accidents. They can range from slight fender-benders to more serious crashes that cause harm and even death. While most people already know the most common reasons why car accidents happen – drunk driving and distracted driving are two of the most common, there are other lesser-known reasons for accidents too. What are some of these lesser-known known causes?

Teenage and Senior Drivers

One of the more common of the lesser-known known causes of car accidents is the age of the driver in question who might have been the source of the accident. For example, teenage drivers account for many accidents simply due to their inexperience driving and potential to panic or react the wrong way in the event of a problem on the road.

Teenagers are the most likely to text their friends or chat with them while driving. They have not learned yet how to drive in unsafe driving conditions and therefore are more likely to end up in an accident.

Senior drivers can cause a problem in some cases. Their reflexes are not as sharp as they used to be and some older drivers might also panic or become confused or lost while driving.

Driving the Wrong Way

It is actually not that uncommon to find a car going the wrong way down a street that is unfamiliar to the driver. This can happen when the driver misses road signs or has failed to pay proper attention to the road and the way they are driving. They might try to turn around or back up to get to where they want to go and hit a vehicle waiting to get by them.

This can also be the case when a driver makes an improper turn down a street too. It could be that they missed a 'One Way' sign and is now driving against the traffic or perhaps they turned into the wrong lane on a single-lane street from a multi-lane street and didn't pay attention to the smaller road size.

Animal Crossings

In some areas, animal crossings are far more common. For example, in rural areas in which there are plenty of deer in the area. However, even in cities animals cross the road regularly. You could run into a dog or cat crossing the street and some drivers may cause an accident simply by swerving to avoid them and hit another car or even a light pole as a result.

Blown Tires

Blown tires don't just happen to trucks and larger vehicles, although you do hear about them more often. Blown tires can happen to smaller vehicles too and if you aren't sure how to handle your vehicle if one happens, it can cause the car to veer out of control and cause an accident.

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