4 Steps To Follow If You Get Hit By An Intoxicated Driver?

23 August 2022
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Getting in a car crash is a scary experience, and the scenario becomes even more terrifying when you discover the driver responsible for the crash was not in their right state of mind. Intoxicated drivers are usually under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. Regardless of the cause of intoxication, you will have to deal with the aftermath of the accident. So, it will be best to get the help of a skilled auto crash attorney and follow the steps below instantly after the crash.

Step 1: Stop The Vehicle And Do Not Leave The Crash Scene 

The last thing in your mind after a car crash should be to flee the scene. This will only result in criminal charges where you can face jail time or have your driver's license suspended. So, before you think about leaving illegally, stop your car and try to compose yourself. Evaluate the situation and call for help in case anyone is hurt. It is important to call 911 as some insurance firms can refute your claims in the absence of an official police report. Besides, a car accident attorney will use the report to build a strong foundation for your case.

Step 2: Get Medical Assistance

If you sustain injuries, it's advisable to get the help of a medical professional. Remember that some injuries might be internal and not noticeable. So, it is important to have a doctor examine you even if you are not feeling any pain or discomfort after a collision. In addition, the physician will document the injuries. This information is important to your auto crash attorney, and they will use it to support your injury claim. 

Step 3: Take Pictures

In any injury claim, pictures, as well as videos, are priceless. They usually show the magnitude of the crash and the shock you experienced. In addition, this type of evidence will play a significant role in showing the exact condition during the accident. For example, the weather, any obstacles on the road, or any traffic signs would be good to document. It is also advisable to take photos of your injuries before receiving treatment. Your car crash attorney will use the pictures as evidence to get the compensation you deserve.

Step 4: Attend Court Hearings And Tribunals

All the evidence you provide will be presented in a court of law during the hearing. So, it is necessary you be present at that time. Moreover, you might be called to testify against the intoxicated driver. Your auto crash lawyer will be with you to guide you through the hearings and protect your rights.

Car accidents are traumatic and can leave you with serious injuries. If your accident is caused by an intoxicated driver, seek the services of an attorney to help you seek compensation for damages. 

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