Instances When You Might Have Challenges Pursuing Payments For Work Injuries And How An Attorney Can Help

9 December 2022
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The laws that regulate workers' comp benefits differ in various states. This means that the ability to recover payments for the injury or illness you suffer at work will depend on your state laws. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of their state laws to deny workers their rightful payment. In most cases, they do this by claiming that state laws do not cover the laborer's injuries or that the harm didn't occur in the scope of work. Given this, you may face instances where it's challenging to pursue payments for on-the-job injuries. If this is the case, here is how an attorney can help you navigate complex situations to ensure you get the rightful compensation.

You Suffered Harm During Lunch Break

Some state laws require workers to take a lunch break, during which they are not supposed to perform work duties. Ultimately, this makes it challenging to get compensation for injuries sustained during lunch hour. However, there are some instances where you can get compensation even if you suffered harm during the break period. For example, you might have sustained injuries after your employer sent you to get office materials. In this case, your lawyer can help prove that you suffered harm while performing your duties and that you're eligible to get workers' comp benefits.

You've Suffered Psychological Problems

Many workers develop psychological problems because of working long hours, having heavy workloads, and facing conflict with colleagues, amongst other issues. As a result, this affects their work performance and productivity. Note that those who can't perform their work duties because of work-related stress are eligible for workers' comp. However, proving that psychological problems are work-related can be challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to seek medical help when your psychological problem starts affecting your working ability. This will enable you to get the help you need and a medical report that your lawyer can use to prove you have a genuine claim.

You Suffered Harm Because of Impairment

If you suffer an on-the-job injury while impaired, your employer might accuse you of being responsible for your condition. Therefore, they might argue that you're not supposed to request compensation. In this case, your attorney will use a medical report to prove that you suffered impairment because of work. Ultimately, it will prove that your employer's insurer should compensate you for your injuries.

Some workers' comp claims look manageable but become complex when the compensation process commences. As such, consider working with a work-related injury attorney when pursuing payments for injuries suffered at work. They will guide you throughout the process to ensure you get your rightful payment, no matter how complex your case may appear.