5 Things To Do After Being In A Car Accident

25 January 2023
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A car accident can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. That's why it's important to know what steps you will need to take if the day comes when you find yourself injured and with a damaged vehicle. 

Assess Your Injuries

The first thing that you want to do is assess your injuries. Any traumatic injury should be handled immediately by going to the emergency room. However, a minor injury can buy you some time to take some important steps immediately after the accident. You'll still want to visit a doctor as soon as possible to document your injuries since that is the proof you need about your injury.

Call The Police

You don't want to get into a situation where you are negotiating with the other driver about if you will call the police or not. You can never trust the other driver to do the right thing and report their side of the accident accurately. Call the police to the scene of the accident and have them start the report immediately on the scene. The other driver will be less likely to lie to the police officer because of all the evidence that can be seen. 

Get Witness Information

Did anyone see the accident? You'll definitely want to get their contact information as soon as possible because they are not going to wait around. A neutral witness can be the key to winning an injury lawsuit because they will be able to shed some light on who was really at fault for causing the accident. If you don't see any witnesses, look at nearby neighbors or businesses that have security cameras. It is possible that even someone's doorbell camera caught the accident and they can provide you with the video recording.

Take Plenty Of Photos

You should be taking plenty of photographs of the accident site to preserve the evidence. Get photos of the damage caused to your vehicle and the other driver's vehicle. You should document where the vehicles are placed on the road after the accident, as well as any property damage to the surrounding area. This is all evidence that you cannot recover after the crash, and it is your only opportunity to get it.

Contact A Lawyer

A car accident-related injury is going to be tough to settle on your own. Start out by working with a lawyer that specializes in these cases. They'll be your best way to get the compensation you deserve. 

For more information about dealing with compensation after a car accident, contact a personal injury attorney.